NearChaos develops quality entertainment software and content for a variety of platforms and markets, including Windows, Macintosh, Internet, Portable Devices and Cell Phones. We produce our own titles, that we license and sell through authorized publishers and distributors, as well as create titles for other organizations under contract.

In addition to contract development of complete titles, NearChaos can be your outsourcing development partner. Services include game design, programming, artwork, sound effects and music composition. We can also manage projects and relationships with other outsourced labor, locally and overseas.

Eric Ruck, Development Lead
Eric has been developing software professionally for 20 years. He has coded games for Windows, PDA's, Java and Playstation2. As a father of triplets you can infer three things about him: he's very organized, his house is very popular with the neighborhood kids, and he needs you to buy lots of his games before his children reach college age.

Ben Langberg, Artist Lead
Ben has been combining art and computers since he got a Commodore 64 in 1985, and started getting paid for it during the dot-com boom. An avid gamer, Ben will use his take of the mad Near Chaos windfall to fill holes in his Atari VCS collection...or was it paying off the mortgage?